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A show about a dog, a cat, a guinea pig AKA Pet Squad (Super hero "pets" who are crime fighters), and a Evil goose being superized.

Pet Squad: TV ShowEdit

Dodge the beagle, Sheeba the tabby cat and Bingo the guinea pig are three pets who lead a thrilling double life as superheroes keeping the world safe from the crazy old Mother Goose...

The Pet Squads main arch nemisis is Mother Goose who is trying to destroy P-Town to make way for the construction of Gooseland! 

'The Squad also end up Fighting crime from fellow superized pets such as... Master of disguises, Posey the Parrot, The fabulous master thief, Jonathan the Peacock, Bennett the Bull, Country and Western, Rosilla the Gorilla, Timmy the Tortoise'  and Doctor Two Heads. 

Other recuring characters are Mayor Mathews, Police Cheif Delaney and Professor Eureka.

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